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Digital marketplaces deserve digitally native contracts. No more compromising: get all of the customer benefits while sacrificing none of the legal security with clickwrap agreements.

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A Seamless Experience for Your Customers

Enable your customers to agree to all terms and conditions with just one click, without ever leaving your platform. Online clickwrap agreements eliminate complexity for customers, whether they’re signing up or completing checkout.

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Automated Peace of Mind for Your Team

Experience true peace of mind with online clickwrap agreements. Mitigate legal risk with a comprehensive, intuitive way to control your online terms, make legally enforceable contracts, and respond to litigation.

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Contracts Built to Boost Online Business
Contracts are essential to business, but they should never get in its way. Online clickwrap agreements mitigate legal risk without impacting website or mobile app conversions — ideal for high-volume contract acceptances and online marketplaces.
Optimize the customer experience with online clickwrap agreements.
Provide the ideal experience for your customers by weaving fast, easy contract acceptance right into your platform. Your customers can agree to terms with just one click and continue exploring your marketplace or complete their purchase.
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Ensure a frictionless signup experience for your customers.
Remove all barriers to term acceptance and make contract friction a thing of the past with an online clickwrap agreement nestled into your signup process.
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Dynamically control, publish, and update your contracts.
Publish contracts online for your customers to review and accept in the Legal Center. Make changes whenever you need with the press of a button — no development team required.
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A Contracting Solution for the Modern Marketplace

Avoid litigation and improve your customer experience in one fell swoop. That’s the power of online clickwrap agreements. Ready to experience it for yourself?

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