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Faster Signing

With PactSafe's simple, modern signing methods, you can get NDAs signed in a matter of minutes. You can even create a hosted NDA  at a custom URL like


Centralize and Simplify

Empower legal and administrative teams with complete version control. Revisions are automatically distributed - eliminating the risk of rogue employees making edits to NDAs.


Automated Recordkeeping

Stop worrying about records getting lost in email inboxes. Executed NDA’s are automatically and instantly dropped into your record keeping dashboard, giving you peace of mind that you have the records you need to stay protected.


Legal Protection for Your Business

Timely signing and ironclad record keeping of NDAs is vital to building relationships with your partners, vendors and customers. PactSafe centralizes, automates and streamlines your NDAs. This saves time, and provides peace of mind that your confidential business information is protected.

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CUSTOM Workflows to meet your UniQUE NEEDS

Whether you're on-boarding new employees, contractors or partners, PactSafe can fit seamlessly into your existing business workflows. We power one-way NDA's, Mutual NDA's and more with multiple delivery methods.

  • Text or Chat to Sign
  • Email NDA's
  • Hosted agreements within apps or portals.

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