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Are you ready to litigate your tos?

Litigation around clickthrough terms of service has increased 626% since 2002.

PactSafe can help you track and gain acceptance of your online terms, identify areas of potential risk before they become an issue, and produce court ready records of acceptance.

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Session: What Keeps You Up At Night?

This panel will survey the current state of the law and litigation risks under various federal statutes and business regulations in connection with text messages/robocalls (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), credit and background checks (Fair Credit Reporting Act), internet provider liability (Communication Decency Act), Terms of Use, the world after Dynamex, and the use of biometrics in products and/or services. In addition, the panel will discuss best practices for companies to reduce litigation risk while maintaining innovation and product development.

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Session: Your First Line of Defense - Terms of Use and Arbitration Agreements

Could you prove that a customer explicitly agreed to your Terms of Service? Could you recognize what versions of your agreements have been signed, when they were signed, or what type of notice your customers received prior? If not, you're in danger of being "lawyer hacked." In this session you'll learn about risk management for online marketplaces and how a clickwrap TOS agreement is your first line of defense against lawyers picking apart company terms, consumer lawsuits, and the multimillion dollar lawsuits.


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