No Hassle, Risk, or Busywork Required.

Ditch the frustrations of outdated eSignature solutions for the ease of clickwrap — a simple and secure way to create legally enforceable, high-volume contracts online. Acceptance software built for legal, by legal.

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The Only Platform Truly Built for Legal

Manage your online legal contracts with ease on the only platform developed specifically for the intricacies in-house lawyers need. No more compromising between collaboration, usability, scale, and risk management: with our modern spin on legal CMS, you can have it all.

Legal Contract signing software

Leverage Automation for Secure, Efficient Contracting

With everything from version tracking to automated acceptance records, our legal contract acceptance software eliminates worrying over your team’s ability to prove acceptance. With clickwrap, you get the protection of immutable third-party records for all of your legal contracts online.

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Hear from customers who have embraced legal contract acceptance software.
Innovative companies everywhere are leveraging clickwrap to accelerate agreements while ensuring legal maintains control. Here’s proof:

It is exactly the future state I envisioned.

Kathy Zhu Director, Head of Commercial at DoorDash

This software frees up the engineering team to work on our company's product and gives the legal team complete control over the Terms of Service and related agreements. It has eased the burden on everyone with respect to updating the Terms of Service, tracking Terms of Service acceptance, and collecting, storing, and retrieving proof of acceptance and the version in effect at the time of acceptance. Zero buyers' remorse with this product.

Aurora Kaiser Senior Director, Litigation and Employment at Upwork

Make Terms Updates the Most Seamless Part of Your Job
Put the control of legal back with legal. No more ticket submissions or reliance on internal, technical resources. PactSafe makes updating terms across your entire organizational ecosystem as simple as four steps. Unlock the power of more intuitive, efficient, empowering contracting in every form on our comprehensive platform.
Plan for the inevitable by being able to respond quickly at the first sign of litigation.
With a high-volume of legal contracts online comes an increased risk of litigation. Outdated contract signing software and clunky, in-house, manual solutions restrict your ability to respond effectively to that threat. PactSafe is changing that: ensure your contract acceptance records are enforceable with an unbiased, automated third-party system.
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Ensure that legal is no longer a roadblock to innovation or collaboration.
Factors like innovation, rapid growth, and numerous stakeholders traditionally introduce uncertainties into contracting. Legal teams need to assess and account for those factors — so other teams don’t view legal as a roadblock. When legal has active control of their online terms, they’re equipped to adjust contracts and mitigate potential risk immediately, while still empowering others to help the business grow.
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Update online terms quickly to address product updates or new legislation.
You can’t achieve peace of mind and growth in a process filled with busywork and friction. Legal contract acceptance software ensures that all the intricacies of legal work — including fluctuating legal requirements — are maintained within a streamlined, cohesive platform and a unified, automated tech stack.
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Welcome to Modern Digital Contracting

You can finally have it all: all the features you need for legal enforceability combined with the power of a streamlined, flexible, collaborative platform. That’s the power of clickwrap. Ready to experience it for yourself?

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