A Guide to Legal Content Management Systems for Online Marketplaces

Legal teams: You are not independently in control (or ready for court) with your current solution

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to prove acceptance of your online terms or to publish updates. Relying on your internal technical team to assist in this process takes control of terms away from legal, and pulls their focus from their own departmental initiatives. Your team needs to be more efficient in every aspect of the business, and that includes terms management. This is why your online marketplace needs a Legal Content Management System, or Legal Center.

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Centralize the Management of Your Legal Terms in a Legal Content Management System

Managing online terms can be as easy as updating an NDA in Word. By centralizing the management of online legal terms, lots of unnecessary steps are eliminated for all parties involved. Ideally, when publishing updates (which can happen more frequently), all the relevant website and app pages are updated immediately. Legal content needs to be accessible to the actual legal team, so they can control updates and versioning. Traditional CMS systems that are not meant to handle legal content also may present workflow or formatting challenges with that type of content.



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In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why a legal center is crucial to the success of online marketplaces
  • How a legal center can help meet compliance needs
  • Why recordkeeping is a bigger deal that you thought
  • Case law that proves the importance of recordkeeping to enforceable terms.