Click-to-sign.jpgClose deals faster with PactSafe
The contracting process is plagued by friction and bottlenecks at nearly every phase. PactSafe’s Signature Acceleration Platform combines our proprietary “click-to-sign” eSignature technology with easy to use contract automation and management tools to create a seamless and comprehensive contracting solution.

Make contracts simple and easy
PactSafe makes the entire contracting process fast and frictionless, while also giving you the ability to tailor the solution to the unique requirements of your business.

Mobile contracts are faster contracts
78% of the full-time workforce uses a smartphone. We’ve created the fastest contract signature platform in the world designed to be native to mobile. Read contracts quickly and easily on your smartphone, send them for signature, or sign them with one tap. It’s a completely innovative, legally binding way to sign.

  • Click-to-sign electronic signatures
  • Automated contract workflows
  • Mobile review and signatures.
  • Analytics for insight into contract trends
  • Inline collaboration and redlining
  • A powerful contract API


"PactSafe has really simplified everything about our sales contracting process- sending contracts and getting them signed takes only a few clicks. We've used Transact to accelerate our sales contract cycles by 75% and save tons of time."

-Sean Thorne, CEO of TalentIQ


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