Better Compliance

Automate how you distribute any company policy or handbook updates organization-wide with acceptance in click-to-accept form. Centralize all records.

Streamlined Onboarding

Create an onboarding document portal without any development work. PactSafe automatically creates records of all policies and paperwork.

Job Offers

Easily create and send job offers out for negotiation and acceptance. PactSafe makes it simple.

Get employment documents signed faster and automate recordkeeping.

Customers Include:

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Build an HR document process that's digital and automated.

It's simple: What takes more time -  sending a contract to every single employee to acknowledge a company handbook, or simply having them click 'I agree' on a standard link? PactSafe's cutting acceptance and onboarding times by up to 80% for HR teams. Find out why today.

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Complete Control

PactSafe's digital contracting tools allow anyone and everyone to build your own digital onboarding portal that feels more like signing up for a social media service than new hire paperwork. Turn policies into simple click-to-accepts ane turn I-9 forms completely digital. No more pinching to zoom. No more "I can't figure out how to design on this devise."


Simplified Modifications

Need to push out a new company policy? Create and push out fully trackable click-to-accept policies, signable contracts, or just notices from within a single system. In a world where employees taking time to sign or take notice of a policy change can become critical path to full compliance, that's time saved that affects the bottom line in multiple areas.


Seamless Integration

Add a better solution to your tech stack, without adding another login and password for your team to remember. Our API-first mindset means we've built a solution that integrates seamlessly to everything from CRMs to human capital management tools. No matter how you choose to execute or onboard your new employees, PactSafe's recordkeeping systems ensure you can access information however you need to.

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