Maximize contract velocity with seamless, scalable and automated workflows. 

Push, pull, and populate information from any business system right into the body of the contract, track contracts in real-time, and send in an easy to execute, mobile-responsive experience. No need to worry about the right terms and provisions being used either—legal teams get centralized control over all contract terms and assembly logic.

Case Study: Learn how TagStation uses PactSafe for high velocity contract acceptance!

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Remove friction from the signing process with modern signing methods and flows.

Your business and your customers are unique and your signing process should be too! Custom tailor your signing process using our modern signing methods, including click-through, eSignature, click-to-accept, text-to-sign, or inside other apps. You will love the speed!

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Integrations into existing workflows and business systems.

The PactSafe API makes it easy to automate contract workflows across business systems. Additionally, integrations allow you to populate contract activity data and reports into popular applications like Salesforce, Workday and more.

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Recordkeeping is automated and centralized.

All recordkeeping is completely automated, so you never lose track of contracts at any step in your processes.  Records of agreed contracts are easy to produce, and contract level analytics give you insight into who has accepted what versions over time.



83% of your organization is dissatisfied with your current contracting process—it moves too slow.  

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Fast Collaboration and Approvals

Through an automated approval process and audit trail, make sure the right contracts go out to the right people at the right time without slowing things down.  Collaborate quickly with  simple inline commenting.


Minimize redlines with click-to-accept contracts. 

Contract revisions bog down the entire contract process.  PactSafe can generate custom click-to-accept contracts that keep the process moving fast, something that helped CDW save hundred of man-hours per week!


Publish simple, online contracts with no development.

Repetitive, standardized contracts (such as NDAs) can be a nightmare to manage. SmartPacts by PactSafe allow any business to quickly publish a contract to a mobile-friendly, branded page with a custom URL. Just send the URL and from there it's a simple: point, click, sign!