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Free Webinar: Solving The Data Processing Agreement Problem For Legal Teams

Webinar Solving the DPA problem

The GDPR's weighing on much more than data mapping & consent tracking for organizations. For many enterprises & organizations of smaller sizes, Data Processing Agreements become a massive hurdle to achieving full GDPR compliance. We've found that the unique nature of the GDPR-mandated agreements and the volume, and velocity at which they must be executed present a painful, top-of-mind problem for most in-house legal teams — and the problem isn't adequately solved by traditional solutions. How do we create, track, manage, negotiate, sign, and route these agreements — but with speed, with limited resources, and at massive scale?

Whether you're looking at processing tens, hundreds, or thousands of agreements, join PactSafe Legal Operations Consultant Kyle Robbins for a look at how to build a scaleable DPA execution & tracking process that won't tax your team for resources & overwhelm your support staff.

Date: 20 February 2018

Time: 2pm EST

Host: Kyle Robbins, Legal Operations Consultant PactSafe

Topics for discussion will include:

  • How to assess your existing tools & process
  • Common traditional solutions & the points of failure
  • How to minimize DPA redlines
  • Feedback on building a scaleable low-friction contracting process for any purpose

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