A Seamless Experience with Secure Enforcement

Embed signing directly within the customer interface. Host a clickwrap-powered signing experience within your site, app, checkout flow, and more while maintaining a branded experience.

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Marketplace - Optimal Customer Expereince

Scale: One-to-Infinite Contracting

Deliver clickwrap agreements that can be seamlessly updated, easily versioned, and accepted by an infinite number of signers.  Transform the management and acceptance of your Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, Trials, and more.

Clickwrap Platform Built for Growth
Expand your clickwrap capabilities alongside your business, without any painful internal lift. Scale is built to seamlessly power and track millions of acceptance events through the PactSafe platform, letting your internal teams focus on your own offering instead of worrying about acceptance.
embedded signing EComm - Potential Risk

Automated Acceptance Tracking

With an embedded clickwrap experience, acceptance tracking is on autopilot. All your immutable records are collected, sorted, and stored behind the scenes.

embedded signing B2B - Automated Record Keeping

Verified Records, Informed by Case Law

Scale is supported by a dedicated team of attorneys who constantly monitor litigation trends that inform product features and updates.  Ensure your records of acceptance are robust and ready to enforce with industry-leading product features like Snapshots.

Modernizing Legal. Streamlining Sales. Liberating Product.

Easy to implement, easier yet to manage, Scale is the solution that critical teams throughout your company will love. Clickwrap can transform the way your company views contracts, starting today.

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