Manage all the contracts accepted within your self-service experiences.

With Scale by PactSafe, implement clickwrap agreements that you can quickly manage and update with all the best practices that keep you protected.

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Build self-service experiences, complete with legal best practices

When you embed PactSafe into any web or mobile experience that uses a clickwrap agreement, you can empower your legal team to control their contracts. Our libraries, API, and SDKs make implementing PactSafe rapid and painless, too.

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Audit the contracts created when customers accept clickwrap agreements

Worried about legal implications of implementing clickwrap agreements? With PactSafe, track ESIGN compliant clickwrap agreements with customers and generate a PDF record of acceptance. Plus, we're a third-party, making your records more trustworthy.

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Personalize every self-service experience with your customer data

Tailor every clickwrap agreement with inputs from your website, form, or app to customize contract language and fields powered by the only platform for dynamic clickwrap agreements. Integrate data from contracts back into your own systems using webhooks.

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White glove service from the experts in clickwrap agreements

Take advantage of our unmatched expertise with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. We also have dedicated lawyers on staff to help consult our customers and product on how to stay ahead of trends in clickwrap agreement best practices.

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