What's the benefit of having online electronic signatures?

According to Adweek

  • 77% of baby boomers have smartphones.
  • 90% of Gen X-ers and 95% of Millennials are operating every day via smartphone.

These statistics come from survey respondents who are full-time employees, and 78% of the full-time workforce uses a smartphone (especially before and after hours.)


Therefore, there is no exception for delaying business from becoming mobile-adaptive any longer.

Online Electronic Signatures are the natural progression for business in a world that is clearly going mobile. Acquiring signatures any time, any place allows business to operate as normal no matter what the circumstance.

We’ve created the fastest cloud-based signature acceleration platform in the world designed to be native to mobile. Read contracts quickly and easily on via smartphone, then send them, or sign them with one tap. It’s a completely innovative, legally binding way to sign and in compliance with eSignature law.


With PactSafe's eSignatures, contract management, versioning, and inline redlining, businesses can focus on what they do best—getting a great deal, signing business, bringing on new employees. PactSafe helps reduce contract turnaround by more than 80% and eliminates the back and forth of email and Word documents for good.