Use Electronic Signatures for Documents, any time, any place.

Use electronic signatures for documents!

Because of Pactsafe's legally binding electronic signature, signing documents is mobile, secure, and  made easy--even on the go.

PactSafe offers the Click-to-Sign eSignature: a mobile-first method equipt to handle signing electronically. It's a faster, more streamlined way to sign documents that makes any customer experience even better.

Having website and mobile legal terms that are eSignature compliant works to your advantage. Once you begin collecting signatures electronically, you can move all of your documents into the cloud with our document management system. This will allow teams to fight through delays in the documenting process, but also eliminate the work of managing versions of documents and long waits to track down past signature records.

Electronic Signatures:

  • Eliminate repetition with templates
  • Analyze document acceleration
  • Customize & brand your documents
  • Automatically manage document versions
  • Track all documents to a single signer
  • Enable clickthrough agreements on web and mobile