Electronic Signature for Contracts

Our product’s mobile-first, secure eSignature makes signing contracts easier than ever before - even on the go.

PactSafe's eSignature: a legally binding, mobile-first method to handle electronic signatures. It's a faster, more streamlined way to complete contracts, making any customer experience even better. Having website and mobile legal terms that are eSignature compliant will always be advantageous.

Collecting signatures electronically, allows all contracts to be stored in the cloud with PactSafe's contract execution system. Fight through delays in your contracting process, but also eliminate the work of managing versions of contracts and long waits to track down past signature records. 

Step 1: Create and Send

Create or import contracts, then send to signers. Identity authentication is then handled by emailing the contract to your signers (or other two-step authentication).

Step 2: Review and Sign

Signers review the contracts, suggest changes inline, then sign using a mobile-friendly electronic signature.

Step 3: Record and Analyze

PactSafe's automated recordkeeping and analytics track who, what, where, when, and how in compliance with established electronic signature standards. These records can be produced whenever needed and provide access to analytical insight of contract changes over time.

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