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Seamless checkout flows meet enforceable record-keeping for terms and privacy. Enhance your shopper experience with self-service contracts optimized for e-Commerce.

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Clickwrap is the primary contracting method between e-commerce businesses and the millions of people shopping online — so don’t settle for an outdated contracting system. With PactSafe, legal teams are empowered to deploy and update online agreements like terms and conditions, privacy policies and refund policies with the push of a button.

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Capture Immutable Records with Every Transaction

You don’t have to abandon the enforceability of your terms just to prevent shoppers from abandoning their cart. Get your ecommerce privacy policy, refund policy and online terms accepted with one-click. PactSafe’s clickwrap contracts capture legally enforceable third-party records of acceptance seamlessly with every transaction.

Contracts that Boost Business
Implement e-commerce clickwrap agreements to make digital contracts a strategic advantage rather than a hindrance.
Know who has or hasn’t accepted your latest privacy policy or terms update
Policy updates happen frequently in e-commerce. PactSafe empowers you to identify potential risk by providing visibility into what percentage of your users have or have not accepted your most recent updates. You can then use that information to prompt those users to accept your latest terms the next time they interact with you.
Instantly create and locate records of clickwrap acceptance.
It’s no longer necessary for a database administrator to waste valuable hours querying records from various business systems. You need the ability to pull records quickly at the first sign of potential litigation. Automate the tracking of acceptance events, and generate instantly available, verified, PDF receipts in seconds.
Litigation Readiness Assessment
Presentation is Everything. That’s where Snapshots comes in.
If you face litigation, proof of what the screen looked like when a user accepted your terms and conditions is one of the best pieces of evidence you can provide. Snapshots by PactSafe captures an image of your contract acceptance points at a customizable cadence, allowing you to tie the image to acceptance records or independently download it for your own documentation. Read the clickwrap litigation trends white paper to learn more.
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Upgrade Your e-Commerce Terms with Clickwrap

Take complete control of your e-commerce contracts with a platform that’s built for online business.

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