$42 Million

Settlement paid by Safeway for poor practices with online terms updates

100% Revenue Penalty

Percent of gross revenues potentially owed to consumers for non-compliance to California's auto-renewal law.

46% Exposure

Percent of the US population living in a state with law regulating subscription business models. 

PactSafe can help you avoid legal pitfalls in your eCommerce business.

Customers Include: 

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Treat your online legal terms like real contracts with PactSafe's API.

PactSafe is the world's only platform equipped to track & manage the online legalese that protects your business. PDF contract records for every acceptance, a platform to easily rollout best-practice updates.

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Automated Recordkeeping

With PactSafe, you can seamlessly embed our API into your subscriber registration and checkout flows to track acceptance and other legal events associated with your important legal terms. From there, PactSafe can arm you with 3rd-party, immutable PDF records for every single user or customer — created right at the moment of acceptance. 


Complete Control

Changing regulations and your global audience demand agile systems for legal terms updates and jurisdiction-specific contracts. Make changes, push out updates, and prompt different provisions based on region and customer type all with the PactSafe platform.


Fight Chargebacks

Every online sales or transaction should form a contract to pay. With PactSafe, easily generate the evidence to show for it. Ward off friendly fraud by allowing your team to fight and win more chargebacks faster with a third party record of the transaction. 

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