Digital Transformation of In-App Legal Agreements

No business is a stranger to digital transformation.

The tools you use, your process for recruiting talent, how you market your product to customers, even the product itself – all of these areas have likely been transformed by digital evolution in recent years.

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To keep up with demand, businesses spent more than half a trillion dollars on digital experience initiatives in 2019, focusing on technologies like AI-driven engagement and ubiquitous commerce.

One topic that is often left out of the discussion on digital experience is legal agreements. These contracts sat quietly in the back row for decades, disregarded as nothing more than a necessary hurdle for product and sales teams. But in more recent years, digital contracts have metamorphosed into a standalone technology in their own right. They’re now capable of more than you’d think – and they might be just what you’re missing to boost efficiency and improve customer experience.



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In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How legal agreements have evolved
  • Which modern signing method(s) are right for your business
  • How to troubleshoot your contract ecosystem
  • Why self-service contracts are the way to go