Embrace Developer-Friendly Contracting Solutions

Build contracts into your digital experiences with our API-first platform. No more wasting time or resources on a homegrown or half baked contracting solutions.

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Focus on Building Your Product

The evolving digital acceptance space makes managing home grown solutions a nightmare.  Rather than diverting valuable time and resources to building and maintaining a compliant solution, or responding to tickets from legal, spend time doing what you do best. Fully embrace your role as a strategic partner to other teams in the company and eliminate roadblocks to efficient roadmaps. 

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Optimized for Both Customers and Developers

Superior customer experience without ongoing technical resource drain.  Our solution is meant to remove the costly, ineffective solutions that demand ongoing support from internal resources and replace them with a flexible, automated solution. Self service flows, automated acceptance tracking, and seamless updates out of the box. 

Meet the Platform

This software frees up the engineering team to work on our company's product and gives the legal team complete control over the Terms of Service and related agreements. It has eased the burden on everyone with respect to updating the Terms of Service, tracking Terms of Service acceptance, and collecting, storing, and retrieving proof of acceptance and the version in effect at the time of acceptance. Zero buyers' remorse with this product.

Aurora Kaiser Senior Director Litigation and Employment, Upwork

We needed a much more scalable system, and PactSafe was the solution. We wrapped our Terms of Service Privacy Policy, and Liability Waivers into two checkboxes.

Jim Cook Head of Digital, The VOID

Promote Efficiency with Clickwrap
All the features you need without increasing back-end work or the load on developers. Our flexible API solution easily integrates into existing workflows, products, and accommodates integrations with minimal disruption or technical lift to implement. Make contracting easy for every team, product included.
Embed your contracts with ease.
Integrate your agreements with a single snippet of code. One snippet that means no more deep data dives for acceptance records, no more ticketing for terms updates or clunky contracting solutions pitfalls. Introducing automated records, self service flows, and superior experiences.
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Seamlessly integrate with your other platforms.
Get things moving with a flexible, API-first platform that works with your tech stack and workflows, instead of against them. Our dedicated Customer Success team will work with you to establish an implementation plan and deliver to timelines that suit your team’s needs.
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Stay On Brand
The signing experience shouldn’t remove your prospect from a carefully curated, branded experience...it should be a part of it. Build embedded agreement acceptance points into your company product or site seamlessly.

Welcome to Modern Digital Contracting

You can finally have it all: a streamlined, flexible, collaborative contracting platform that requires minimal developer support. That’s the power of clickwrap. Ready to experience it for yourself?

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