The Definitive Guide

To Building Cross Functional Business Relationships for Legal Teams

Often viewed as the cost center of a business, legal has a reputation for operating in a silo, slowing down sales and bottlenecking HR.

However, the success of the legal department and the business in general is dependent on effective cross-functional alignment among departments. 

The legal department is strategically positioned to create the necessary fluidity between departments because it works extensively with each of them in some capacity. Legal can lead the charge in creating best practices for cross-functional communications, advocate for the ease of the exchange of information, and ensure that documents are available when they are needed. 

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The main way to enhance collaboration between legal and other departments is to improve (or establish) regular communication. Still, it is hard to completely overhaul the way things have always been done, whether in practice or in mindset, especially in larger businesses.

This guide outlines different ways legal can begin in to develop cross-departmental relationships to transform the company. It offers ideas that can be implemented this week, and tips that can plant the seed for strategic, more long-term change.





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