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Many of your contracts only require minor personalizations or alterations made to a few variable terms. Improve the creation, distribution, and collection of these standardized agreements with Streamline: agreements hosted and delivered by PactSafe.

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Streamline: One-to-Many Contracting

With sending and signing hosted by PactSafe, legal teams can empower sales to own the entire transaction. Unlock greater efficiency by making the preparation, editing, and distribution of these contracts easier than ever with Streamline.

Cutting-Edge Product and Unparalleled Expertise
Streamline enables your team to begin unlocking the benefits of contract standardization, and it’s backed by a team with nearly a decade of experience with digital contracting practices, types, and legislation. The path to better contracting starts with PactSafe.
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Better Understand Your Contract Ecosystem

Gain a deeper knowledge of your contracting needs to understand and optimize your workflows. PactSafe experts collaborate with you to map the processes, flows, and contract types that power your business. Streamline is built to help you with both internal and customer facing agreements.  

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Optimize Contracting Efficiency

Upgrade your contracting experience with a solution that provides unmatched ROI.  Streamline is ideal for businesses that need an enhanced legal web form solution, including legal CMS improvements and online term acceptances that are hosted at a dedicated URL. 

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