Contract Management Services (CMS) go beyond completing one isolated taskrather, think of CMS as the driving force behind simplifying your business’ everyday challenges.

Do any of these statements ring true?

  • It is difficult to communicate with multiple departments when assembling a contract.
  • Contract turnaround time is a pain--receiving feedback takes forever.
  • Keeping records of previous contracts is always a dysfunctional process.
  • Collaborating with multiple parties over print-outs and PDFs is overly rigorous and time consuming.
  • The contract management lifecycle prevents my company’s sales cycle from accelerating.
  • There’s not enough transparency between my legal team and my sales team.

Signature Acceleration Platforms such as PactSafe are speedy tools for faster contract generation, collaboration, redlining, esignatures, and recordkeeping. In addition to speed, utilizing Contract Management Services increases visibility into the status of a specific contract increases both tracking and compliance. Getting contracts on and off the table makes for quicker business deals, and satisfied customers.  

A further advantage of using CMS is the automation involved in contract amendments and renewal. All contract versions and eSignatures are recorded and reported to contract signers via email. The same goes for renewal circumstances. Once a contract is approaching date for renewal, notifications are sent to signers. Both contracting parties can then either renew an identical contract, or collaborate in-line to revise their agreement.

PactSafe allows you to execute contracts quickly & efficiently. Do business faster.