Save money on contract management certification. Automate the process instead.




One Contract Management Certification class costs thousands of dollars. Sure, it’s important to understand contracts, acquisitions, and prepare to manage procurement processes, but shouldn’t there be an easier way? It’s hard enough accomplishing transparency between your legal team and the rest of the company.

Here's a cost-effective alternative:

  • Contract Management Software. Accessible to all departments in a business, a Legal System of Record such as PactSafe provides a convenient dashboard with contractual data to increase internal transparency and compliance.

  • You have the software to facilitate easy contract creation, collaboration, publishing, and execution. The contracting process becomes self explanatory with the simple monitoring system and seamless design.

  • Set up training webinars with contract experts at PactSafe for your team. 

  • No more combatting with your legal team to try to understand what contracts are moving in and outno more delaying of sales cycle completion
  • Identify team development needs to achieve internal benchmarks

  • Develop company contract data analysis automatically when executing contracts within the Legal System of Record

Digital thumbprints allow you to verify signer identity with a secure esignature.

Work smarter & faster.