Take control of your contract lifecycle process.








Make your contract lifecycle process more than just a cost center by doing these four things.

  • Use ready-made templates to push out contracts right in the middle of a call.
    • Eliminate the contract creation process by summoning and sending a ready-to-sign agreement in seconds.

  • Click-to-sign technology greases the wheels of acceptance -- and brings you closer money in your pocket.
    • With a majority of the workforce reading e-mails on-the-go, there's no reason to restrict business to a computer.
    • Your eSignature contracts need to be optimized for mobile.
    •  They're legal and enforceable just like any ink-to-paper signature.

  • Supervise your sales team and have insight to the language in every contract with a single look.
    • Permissions and templates put your legal team back in control to handle the legal work and contract drafting, while your sales team can worry about what they do best -- selling.

  • Use fast, easy-to-digest analytics and redlining tools to help you understand what contracts are getting accepted fastest -- and why.
    • Customers like to make edits during the contracting process, no matter the terms. Make it quick and easy for them to provide feedback, and track and understand the variations between contract versions.

PactSafe is the only legal system of record built for the cloud.