Operationalize Your Ideal Contract Acceptance Workflow

When contract workflows are scalable, business is more efficient. Simple as that.

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Realize the Power of Contract Design

Implement effective contract design to improve user experience, and optimize cross-departmental processes. And with well-designed contract workflows, contract acceptance is an effortless experience — so your prospects are more likely to accept a contract. Learn how to leverage the operational benefits of contract design now.

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Be Strategic with Your Acceptance Methods

Not every acceptance method is ideal for every contract. Select from a wide range of acceptance methods — e-signatures, to clickwrap, text-to-sign, and more — to fit your contract workflows.

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PactSafe is what signing documents should be; fast, flexible, modern and intuitive.

George Waked Sales Operations Manager, Chowly

I like that I can integrate Pacsafe directly into Salesforce. This allows everyone from Sales to Ops to have access to the information they need. This also allows our management team to easily update the contracts and push them out to each team so that everyone has access to the most up to date contract.

Austin Crecelius Audio Experience Manager, Vibenomics

The personalization of what we need and how it needs to operate has been great. Whenever we call, we feel like we are on top of the list at the time.

Frank Fagan Senior Account Executive, Campminder

Overcome Operational Hurdles with PactSafe
Leverage all the features and integrations you need to address your contracting concerns.
Deliver sales contracts where and how your prospects need them.
Send contracts and capture acceptances in a variety of ways to suit the needs of your customers. Speed up your sales by meeting your customers where they are. Are your customers on the go? Check out this case study to see why text-to-sign was the right choice for Chowly and their customers.
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Create and Send Contracts Directly from Salesforce
Centralize work for your sales team by incorporating the contracting process into the platform where they already spend most of their time. PactSafe’s integration with Salesforce helps to standardize contract creation while significantly reducing or even eliminating human error.
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Turn Contracts into Data
Enhance the quality and quantity of actionable insights throughout the contracting process. With PactSafe, your contracts are transformed into data, allowing information to flow efficiently and securely between your most important business systems. Easily view key metrics regarding your agreements, such as acceptance rates of a contract group or granular acceptance details from a specific signer.
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Ready for your ideal contract workflow?

See how PactSafe can help you operationalize your contracts today.

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