The Rise of Clickwrap Transaction Platforms - an Aragon Research Note

Act Now or Lose the Battle for Secure eCommerce

Preparing for the surge in Digital Business & eCommerce.

The world is going fully digital faster in a pandemic era than many imagined. This means that for B2B and B2C transactions, more of them will be completely digital and online. Clickwrap Transaction Platforms are positioned to assist enterprises with the challenges of managing the legal terms and conditions associated with online transactions.

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The race to a post-pandemic digital economy means the world is more virtual.

With remote work, there has come a surge in demand for online transactions. Up until recently, the task of managing terms and conditions was ad hoc and unsystematic. In this truly digital economy, enterprises and governments will need ways to ensure that the right terms and conditions are presented for the right products and to the right buyers. This research note overviews clickwrap transaction platforms and why they are poised to become vital to the growing surge of eCommerce.




In the Aragon Research Note, you will learn:

  • What Clickwrap Transaction Platform is
  • How the Clickwrap Transaction Platform market will evolve
  • How Digital Transaction Management providers will evolve to support clickwrap transaction platforms