Clickwrap and Browsewrap

What you need to know to manage your online marketplace's terms

Enforce your online terms better with clickwrap, not browsewrap

Successfully managing your terms and achieving compliance means knowing what type of online contract to present to users of your online marketplace, and knowing that requirements those agreements need to meet. The two most heavily used agreements for online terms are clickwrap and browsewrap. 

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Clickwrap vs Browsewrap

When it comes to being upheld in court, clickwrap agreements had a 97% rate of success in 2018 and browsewraps had 12.5%. Clickwrap agreements are best for tracking acceptance data and achieving compliance across departments. While clickwrap agreements require users to affirmatively assent to online terms by checking a box or clicking a button that says "I agree." Browsewraps do not require users to do any of that, often making them unenforceable.


In this eBook, you will learn:

  • The differences between clickwrap and browsewrap agreements
  • Why you shouldn't use browsewrap to manage your terms
  • Trends in clickthrough litigation that affect enforceability
  • Updates best practices for online agreements.