Use these clickwrap best practices for your agreements & terms of services.


If your website employs a Clickwrap agreement, there are a number of practices to follow that will make sure that agreement is enforceable. Your click-to-sign agreement is there for a reason - and is likely intended to provide all sorts of legal protections for your website / business, but if it's not enforceable then it does you no good at all.


Six best practices for your clickwrap agreements:

  1. Provide conspicuous presentation of the website legal agreements during website registration or other clickable transactions with users.
  2. Make sure the user is provided notice that acceptance of the website legal agreement is required to proceed with its clickable transaction.
  3. Obtain clear manifestation of acceptance from the user. This could be in the form of a check box combined with a statement that checking the box indicates acceptance of a particular agreement.
  4. Give the user a clear opportunity to review the website legal agreements. Consider presenting the agreements in a scroll box, and providing an opportunity to download or print the agreement.
  5. Track what version was in place when a user accepted a website legal agreement. Always know what version of a website legal agreement was in place on any given date.
  6. Don’t make any unilateral changes to the website legal agreements - make sure to obtain and record a manifestation of acceptance of any modification.


The speed and ease of these agreements are great, but they're even easier when you don't have to build them yourself from scratch. PactSafe's tools and features make it easy to go from no process to a fully digital, fully integrated, custom contracting process in no time whatsoever.