Add clickwrap agreements to your website or app with the PactSafe API

PactSafe is the only clickwrap API that manages and tracks the legal agreements on your websites and mobile apps. It's like Stripe -- but for all your legal agreements.


You're probably familiar with those clickable terms of service agreements or privacy policies most websites require you to opt into before becoming a user. Those are called clickwrap agreements -- a play on the old shrinkwrap-style terms & conditions that came inside the CD-ROMs of the '90s. When constructed properly, this type of electronic signature uses a button labeled "I AGREE" or a checkbox to indicate acceptance-- the same indication of acceptance as an ink-and-pen signature.

The speed and ease of clickable agreements are great, but they're even easier when they don't have to be built from scratch. PactSafe's tools and features make it easy to go from no process to a fully digital, integrated contracting process in no time whatsoever.

Work with the a flexible API that developers love

  • Developers love the flexibility and extensibility of the PactSafe API. Companies like Formstack, Volusion, and Lacoda have integrated PactSafe into their core business apps. Using PactSafe's javascript library or REST API, it's easy for your team to quickly build custom clickwraps on top of PactSafe's highly malleable platform. Work with the most flexible contracting API on the web.

Click-to-sign contracts create automatic, secure records too

  • Forget the filing cabinet. All information transferred to and from PactSafe is 256-bit SSL is encrypted, including usernames and passwords. Our electronic signature platform is designed to keep your contracts secure and prevent tampering of your electronic signatures, and your electronic records. A unique record is maintained of every contract prior to party acceptance, as well as record of each revision following. It's all downloadable or shareable via PDF for easy integration into your existing contract management systems.

  • Additionally, all static files and electronic signature information are also encrypted in Amazon's S3 servers, which are housed in an ISO 27001 certified data center.

Clickable web forms allow for easy online capturing of customer data and simplify keeping up-to-date records.