Click through agreements make buying and selling easy

Clickwrp agreements work for sales!

The Steps:

  • Digitally send your contract
  • Have customers review it & click that they agree via click through agreement
  • Each signature is filed away through automated electronic record-keeping
  • Contract completion verification is sent to both parties in agreement

Simple Renewal Process:

Sales representatives and their clients are automatically notified of any impending contract renewals and prompted to renew contracts or edit existing contracted terms for the future agreement. A no friction renewal processes keeps business and services flowing in a beautifully simple way.


Transparency within sales should lie at the heart of your business; if a second party is expected to enter into any type of agreement with you, they should know what is on the line.

That's why relying on click through agreements for sales works.

  • Click through agreements provide legal protection for your business, website, and customers alike. Sales cycles can be shortened, simplified, and sustained with clickwrap agreements.

  • Instead of having customers initial and rifle through paper contracts, there’s a one-stop-shop to simplifying this process. Leaving the signing site to only return to the office and produce multiple copies for various records is a waste of everyone's time. Utilizing the benefits of clickable agreements can fix all of that.

Mobile-friendly signature technology allow signers to see the exact same contracts, but click-to-agree or click-to-sign. These clicks are their consent and signify that they fully agree to and understand the contract terms.

Your business will move faster and smoother when customers can sign with a single click.