Use Click-through Agreements to Sign Contracts

The Click-to-Sign eSignature: a legally binding, mobile-first method to handle eSignatures. It's executed via "click through agreement" and is a faster, more streamlined way to sign contracts, making any customer experience even better. 

Using click through agreements to sign contracts follows eSignature law and helps users gain customer acceptance quickly and efficiently.

Our contract management system moves all contracts to the cloud making organization after acceptance eliminating delays in your contracting process, managing contract versions, and data mining for signature records.

Signing contracts can be easier than ever before--even on the go.

The steps are simple:

Step 1: Prepare and Send

Prepare (or import) contracts, then send to signers. Identity authentication is handled by emailing contracts to signers (or other two-step authentication).

Step 2: Review and Sign

Signers review contracts, suggest changes inline, then sign them using an electronic signature via a mobile-friendly form.

Step 3: Record and Analyze

PactSafe’s automated record keeping and analytics track who, what, where, when, and how in compliance with established esignature law. These records can be produced when needed and provide access to analytical insight of contract changes.