Deliver a Better Contract Experience with Clickwrap

Clickwrap agreements are an intuitive, empowering, digitally based solution for modern contracting. With clickwrap, scalablility, usability, and enforceability are never mutually exclusive. PactSafe provides a comprehensive contracting platform that makes contracting the most seamless part of your business.

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Dynamic and Intuitive Contracts

Unlike traditional eSignature options, clickthrough agreements are easy to implement into any workflow, and simple to manage.  Move away from PDF and paper centric systems, and start treating your contracts like data. Just as enforceable, nowhere near as painful.

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No Risk or Hidden Fees Required

Clickwrap agreements are fully legally enforceable, with the added benefit of fully managed and searchable acceptance records. You can enjoy peace of mind without a clunky experience or extra fees for simple contracting processes; like edits and resigning. PactSafe is not just contract management — it’s a solution designed by lawyers to specifically track and manage legal content.

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Signing Redefined, Contracting Simplified
Clickthrough agreements offer so much more than a traditional e-sign platform. We’re transforming business agreements by replacing outdated e-signature options with a better, easier solution: clickwrap agreements that can be processed efficiently at high volume without additional risk.
Don’t let e-sign hold you back as you grow.
Replace inefficient and limiting workflows with a solution that’s easy to scale across any team or business. Clickwrap provides a solution built to adapt as you grow, and enables you to easily manage multiple contract types within one, intuitive, centralized platform.
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Reduce friction and enhance control over your contracts.
PactSafe’s clickwrap platform simplifies all aspects of contracts, from versioning to seamless API driven integrations to one click acceptance records. We make standardizing contract management simple. Our platform is built specifically for contracting across every facet of your business, and provides a faster, secure, intuitive way to get agreements signed.
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Provide a better experience for your customers and your team.
Offer your customers a mobile-friendly and dynamic experience with clickwrap agreements, and make life easier for your tech and sales teams at the same time. Automate the tracking of acceptance, enable legal to easily update terms across multiple acceptance points, and empower sales to access legal-approved contracts.
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Don’t Pay More for Less.
Traditional e-sign envelopes simply don’t scale — the more contracts you execute, the more you pay. PactSafe treats contracts as data, so there are no fees for versioning, voiding or updating. High-volume contracting has never been more affordable, with a price plan that scales with you.
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Choose a platform that’s agile and adaptable.
Clickwrap agreements are the subject of every changing regulation and legislation. PactSafe’s dedicated in-house team of attorneys study case law and pending litigation, directly informing product updates. With PactSafe, you know that the product powering your contracts is up to compliance and protecting your business.
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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Contracts

Ditch those clunky, over priced, rigid e-signature platforms. Take the complexity out of digital contracting. Experience the power of clickwrap agreements for yourself today.

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