Audit Trail

PactSafe's click-through tracking creates a legally enforceable audit trail and automates your recordkeeping process.


Click-through agreements capture acceptance directly on your website or mobile app with just a click, making them faster than traditional eSignatures.


Click-through agreements are integrated directly into your website or mobile app and become a seamless part of your user's experience.

PactSafe is designed for tracking click-through agreements.

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Take control of your online legal terms and privacy policies.

Tired of waiting to deploy updates to your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy? Take control of your contracts and make changes on your own schedule, without hassling your engineering team. Our API makes set-up fast and easy allowing you to take complete control of updating your online legal terms.

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Automated Recordkeeping

PactSafe tracks acceptance of click-through and clickwrap agreements with 3rd-party, immutable records for every single user or customer—created at the moment of acceptance. You will always know who has accepted which version of your terms and exactly when it happened.


Complete Control

Changing regulations and your global audience demand agile systems for legal terms updates and jurisdiction-specific contracts.The PactSafe platform allows you to make changes, publish updates, and prompt different provisions based on region and customer type. 


Conversion Friendly

The most important aspect of your legal terms is actually getting people to accept them. PactSafe's click-through agreements give you the power to present your legal terms where it makes the most sense—where your users are. This optimizes your oppotunity for conversions. 

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