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Creating Powerful Online Forms

Formstack is a data management system that helps users collect important information through web forms. Read the Formstack Case Study
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Focus on Your Core Business

Formstack knew that the time it took to deep dive into their database, find acceptance events, and validate the record of the event was distracting from their core business.  They needed a solution that would power their user agreements so they could focus on their customers.

The Opportunity
With over half a million users scattered across the globe. Formstack conducts a high volume of online transactions with their customers through a free trial sign-up and online subscription payment.
The Focus

When there was a legal dispute or payment negotiation, Formstack had to review their database to see what day the user had signed up and what terms had been in place on that date.

The Approach

To make this process more efficient and enforceable, Formstack implemented PactSafe's repository on their website. This allows Formstack to embed their terms online and directly track acceptances.

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The Results

PactSafe automated the entire record keeping process, communicates change of terms to customers upon log in, and enables Formstack to update their terms and download records of acceptance within PactSafe. Our solution plugged directly into Formstack's Javascript library, making implementation efficient and simple. 

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The features and flexibility allow us to incorporate specific agreements directly in multiple customer accounts, reducing the time and volume needed to maintain all our customer records. The customer support team is top notch and was a huge help getting our team up and running as we implemented new PactSafe features.

Matt Gard VP of Finance , Formstack

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