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Streamline Standardized Agreements with Clickwrap

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About CWT

CWT manages business travel, events, and meetings for both governmental and non-governmental organizations, helping them maximize efficiency and maintain focus. Recording close to 60 million transactions in 2016 and boasting nearly 20,000 employees in 145 countries, CWT needed a contracting solution that could scale with their organization.

The Focus
Reducing friction in the creation, approval and acceptance of high-volume standardized contracts.
Identifying Opportunities to Streamline Existing Processes

Multiple business lines were relying on legal to engage with standard NDAs, and other similarly repeatable contract types resulting in a clogged pipeline and prolonged contracting experience.

Preventing the Legal Bottleneck

CWT needed to create a process that allowed them to reduce the amount of time legal spent on standardized, high volume contracts without introducing additional legal risk.

The Clickwrap Approach
PactSafe enabled CWT to standardize repeatable, high volume agreements via clickwrap.
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Standardizing NDAs to Save Time

CWT utilized PactSafe to develop and distribute standardized NDAs across all of its business lines; allowing team members to complete them without direct involvement from legal.

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Scaling Clickwrap Agreements Across the Enterprise

CWT iterated on its approach by transforming more contracts to standardized clickwrap agreements; creating a robust offering of self-service contracts for everything from Trial Agreements to Terms of Service.

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