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Delivering a Better Contract Experience

Learn how Chowly increase efficiency and reduced buyer dropout with clickwrap.
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22% uptick in CWNB

Chowly experienced a 22% uptick in CWNB after the implementation of PactSafe into their company workflow.

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About Chowly

Chowly is a software company that bridges the gap between the point of sale at a restaurant, and a third party ordering service online (Doordash, UberEats).

Before Chowly, this transfer was executed manually, forcing a restaurant employee to enter the order from the online vendor into their own system. Chowly sells its software to busy restaurant managers who are on the go and don't have the time for sales pitches about software.

The Focus
Their value to the market was evident in the amount of interest their software garnered, but closing the sale was proving to be increasingly difficult.
Reducing Friction in the Purchasing Process

Chowly recognized its existing purchasing process was a burden to their on-the-go buyers. They needed a better way to deliver contracts.

Better Insights into Contract Data

Chowly sought greater insight into its acceptance events and the signers behind them.

Building A Better Contract Experience
PactSafe's API forward solution, Salesforce integration, and diverse delivery options for contracting was the perfect solution.
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Mobile-First Contract Experience

The option for mobile-responsive clickwrap contract delivery allowed them to reach merchants on the go, recovering all those previously dropped clients.


Instant Demo 
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Salesforce Integration

PactSafe enabled Chowly to centralize their contracting practices onto one platform, seamlessly integrating with their Salesforce instance to ensure standardization.

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PactSafe is what signing documents should be; fast, flexible, modern and intuitive.

George Waked Sales Operation Manager

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