Your Favorite PactSafe Feature Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What would a New Year be without some predictions? Now is the time to check in on your PactSafe horoscope and find out which of our features will best suit your zodiac sign in 2017.

Aries: "Passionate Over-Achievers"
March 21-April 19

Signer Fields 


Signer fields allow you to add fields that can be filled in by any of your signers when they're executing a Contract. You can add text blocks, checkboxes, or esignature blocks to your Contracts to gather information from your Signer when executing a Contract so all fields are organized and straightforward. Aries don't want there to be any gray areas when it comes to doing business and also really value time. Thus, signer fields are a beautiful feature match. 

Taurus: "Strong and Stubborn"
April 20-May 20




Have an edit to make to a contract that alreadys exists? Need to make a standard contract a little more customized? Contract versioning allows edits to easily be made to contract templates without all the extra work of recreating the entire contract. This is a great feature for Taurus as it assures a quality contract and won't be fussy to edit. 


Gemini: "Adaptable and Motivated" 
May 21-June 20

PDF Uploader

SignaturePDF (1).gif

As natural sales people, Gemini are charismatic and motivated. They see a job that needs to be done and they do it! PactSafe's PDF uploader is a quick and efficient way to get a contract from sender to signer in a matter of seconds. Upload the PDF, add a signature field and send away! 

Cancer: "Loyal Traditionalists"
June 21- July 22

Identity Confirmation


Utilizing the identity confirmation function creates an additional screen for signers to fill out after they click “Review Contract” in the signature request that they receive via email. Cancers can get a bit crabby if tasks are not performed according to their ideals. Identity confirmation puts in an extra security provision for an easy double check system. 

Leo: "Creative Influencers" 
July 23-August 22

Branding Your Legal Center

Branding legal center.png

Your Legal Center can be tailored to match your brand with logo, font styles, colors, and more. This is great for Leos because it looks sharp, and maintains brand awareness so that no matter what, signers will know who this contract is coming from. Leos value quality and a sleek appearance, which is what branding your legal center is all about!

Virgos, "Analytical Learners"
August 23- September 22

Activity API


PactSafe Activity API is a system designed purely to accept & retrieve the minimum amount of information required to determine what your customers have or have not agreed to. It's designed for maximum up-time, speed, and reliability. Building custom forms into your website using PactSafe and manipulating the product in other ways is exactly what Virgo learners love getting their hands on.

Libra: "Harmonious Advocates"
September 23-October 22

Push Notifications


Libras are the best cheerleaders as they see peace and harmony where many do not. They want to be everyone’s biggest advocate, but that isn’t always possible. That’s why PactSafe’s push notification emails are a Libra’s dream. They can make sure contracts are signed on time with quick reminders sent within the PactSafe app, rather than having to single someone out for being a little slow to complete their contract.

Scorpio: "Observant, and Bold"
October 23-November 21

PDF Download

pdf download.gif
After a contract has been signed and completed, signers have the option to Download a PDF version of the finalized agreement for their records. Scorpios pay attention to all details, large and small, and will definitely be vigilant on contract finalizations and records, keeping their own records for double measure. 


Sagittarius: "Intense Philosophers"
November 22- December 21



Philosophical Sagittarius will love the PactSafe dashboard because it gives insightful updates on contracts sent, signed, and completed in real time. This zodiac sign expects quick results so they can move onto the many other projects they have on their hands. 

Capricorn: "Practical Task Masters"
December 22- January 19

PactSafe Editor

AddingTokens (1).gif

Uploading contracts from Word and creating documents with the PactSafe editor is a life saver when it comes to simplifying and customizing the contract creation process. That's perfect for Capricorns who have a million to-do lists that they can't wait to complete. The PactSafe editor makes editing contracts inline and collaborating with team members simple and sharp. 


Aquarius: "Poetic Humanitarians"
January 20- February 18

Digital Recordkeeping

electronic record 1.pngFor one of the free spirits of the Zodiac, it's interesting that we would choose digital recordkeeping as their go-to PactSafe feature. Aquarius, however, is very analytical and calculated. When renewals come around or client-focused conversations arise internally, the Aquarius will love our digital recordkeeping feature for the specific time stamped details of who signed a contract and when.

Pisces: "Devoted Knowledge Seekers"
February 19-March 20

Signature Delegation

delegate signing.png

While Pisces are always soul-searching and aquiring new information, they do so unassumingly. They are very determined and passionate with both their personal and professional projects. Focusing their energy where energy is due is important to them. Therefore, Signature Delegation is the PactSafe feature for them because it gives signers the option to delegate signing permissions to other parties, which is exactly what a Pisces signer would want to do. 

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