Why you need a clickwrap API

So we’ve already been over how a clickwrap API works, but why would you ever need one? Is that really a question? Clickwrap APIs are the best things ever, duh. No but really, what makes someone wake up in the morning and think, “Yes today I need a clickwrap API embedded into my website!” People don’t think that, which has proven to be a problem.

No matter how cool your product or website is, it’s only profitable if it’s a legal service. The sad truth is that many people with login flows for user memberships, checkout flows for ecommerce sites, and everything in between are not tracking their online legal terms. This maximizes their legal risk.

Online contracts are passed between online providers and users every second of every day. The first problem is that users don’t actually realize they’re signing contracts when they check a box agreeing to online terms. The second problem is that providers aren’t keeping track of these agreements. So, not only is getting legal right hard enough--try getting your engineering team into the mix, and that’s a lot to navigate.

This is all solved by embedding PactSafe’s clickwrap API. Copy and pasting a snippet of PactSafe code on your website or app will enable you to automatically track who accepts your clickwrap agreements, what version of the agreement, and when. That way, when you need to generate a record of clickwrap acceptances, generating a PDF of that electronic record will happen by pushing a button.

Integrating an API like this eliminates the guess work of locating digital records for everyone in your company. PactSafe’s user dashboard provides insight and statistics that members of any department can easily gain access to and understand. 

Many other processes can be simplified through the implementation of a clickwrap API as well:


A clickwrap API also protects you from unnecessary legal battles by helping you keep track of all of your customers, and informing them when any of your online terms or privacy policies have changed. Still not convinced? There are even more reasons listed here.  

If you’re not a developer, we get it. You can’t make this happen on your own. Solution: tell your dev team about PactSafe for Developers. They can try out our devkit and see for themselves!

We can give you a customized Clickwrap Health Check. Let's talk! 


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