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What Legal Needs to Know About Buying Software

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Is your legal team empowered to buy software?

Legal is notorious for operating mostly within the world of pen and paper. They often don’t know how to purchase software - not because they are inept or not smart. But historically, evaluating, purchasing, and even using technology/software to complete daily tasks isn’t often within the wheelhouse of Legal professionals. Not only has there scarcely been a need for it within the traditional Legal department, no one has ever really taught them how.
Legal is also notorious for working in a silo. Legal teams tend to close ranks and work on their own matters, looping other departments in when they are needed. As a result, there isn’t too much insight into the department, it’s processes, pain points, and needs. This reflects their inability to evaluate technology and work with other teams to implement it.

How Legal can become better at buying software

But to ensure that a business remains competitive, each department must pull its own weight, align with the overarching goals of the business, and become a strategic partner. Including Legal. The CLOC model names cross-functional collaboration and technology and process support as core competencies for legal ops teams.

This means that in order to operate efficiently, Legal teams need to adopt better processes around collaboration and technology, to move faster and keep up with the changing pace of business, while still maintaining control over the agreements of the business. This can only happen with the help of legal software and technology.

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The benefits of adopting technology

Adopting technology can help legal departments become more efficient and innovative. It can also provide a significant cost benefit/savings to each company. Technology can help legal teams make better use of their resources and spend time forming strategic, highly specialized partnerships/initiatives that can’t be automated. Further, technology can help Legal with online terms management, contract management, business process management, e-billing, matter management, legal holds, and other day-to-day or specialized tasks.

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To become better at buying, evaluating, and implementing software, Legal should lean more on Product. Not only is this directly in Product’s wheelhouse, but whatever software Legal commits to has to be implemented into the company’s existing tech stack, which is often under the direct control of Product.

Read our guide for the essentials on buying software for legal. This guide helps Legal professionals in Enterprise businesses navigate the world of legal software, working with product, and convincing the rest of the business to buy into the plan.

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