Welcome PactSafe's First Orr Fellow, Amber Ferrari!

Amber FerrariWe here at PactSafe are having an awesome time as we build our business — we're experiencing great growth, filling out our new office space, and hiring some awesome people! As a young company, we were thrilled and honored to be included in the Orr Fellowship program and bring our first ever Orr Fellow on board, Amber Ferrari. She just started this week and I asked her to share a little bit more about herself. She was kind enough to answer the questions below.

What's the Orr Fellowship?

AF: The Orr Fellowship creates a unique post-grad working opportunity for young professionals to contribute to the business community in Indianapolis. Over 30 host companies employ fellows throughout their two-year tenure in the fellowship. Additionally, Orr Fellows participate in programming to further learning about multiple facets of the business world, leadership, as well as networking with each other, other host companies, and enriching the Indianapolis Community.

What's your story? Where are you from? Where'd you go to school?

AF: I grew up in Indianapolis, and also went to college in Indy at Marian University. The basics...well, I'd say talking, writing, Harry Potter, reading, baseball, searching for vintage-y nautical and sailor-type things, pop culture (magazines, movies, music) and bargain shopping are some of my past-times. I am a big fan of water and sun...swimming, boating, skiing, beaching. I also drink water, because it's good for me. Hmm, what else? Creativity and artsy things have always been a big part of my life...I've always been in choirs and performing arts, am known to craft HGTV-style occasionally, but I am also pretty active, love sports (playing and watching), and really appreciate architecture and interior design. A ton of Pinterest ideas are patiently waiting on my boards to be executed...err completed.

What was your major while at Marian University? What were you involved in? Notable achievements?

AF: I majored in Communication. It was a perfect fit for me, and the curriculum and professors were really top-notch. I've had a few different internships, interned in the Marian University department of marketing communications for a year, and also spent all of college being involved with 21st Century Scholars through mentoring and other programming. I was on the speech team and in choir for four years at Marian University also.

Actually, this is kind of a fun little achievement... I am the reigning 2015 Indiana State Speech Tournament Champion in Impromptu Speaking and won the 2015 Indiana State Forensic Association Scholarly Essay Contest at that tournament as well, (Forensic speech, not science. I know...confusing.) In March I spoke at Marian University's Undergraduate Research Conference, which was a great time, and I was also blessed to be honored with Marian University's 2015 Distinguished Senior Award.

What will you be doing for PactSafe?

AF: At the moment, concentrating on marketing, social media marketing, PR, and assorted projects is my main focus, but I believe there's a chance I'll dabble in sales a bit too. I specifically remember talking to Brian during a coffee meeting about how I would be involved with various aspects of the PactSafe business. He followed up with, "And hopefully you enjoy doing what I think you're good at." Ah, classic Brian.

During your interview process throughout The Orr Fellowship finals day, PactSafe was among your top choices even while slotted next to other great companies. What drew you to us?

AF: When I interviewed with Brian for this position, way back in November, I remember thinking, "Wow...this is about to be the next big thing." The product is impressive, and I think any company with a digital presence would be smart to turn to PactSafe. Besides that, though, the PactSafe vibe just felt right. The position was offered to me a mere two hours after I had finished my interviews. It was scary getting on board with a company that, at the time of my hiring, was a two-person show, but I could not be happier with my placement. I must have been feeling daring the day I accepted the position!

What are you most excited to do in your first job out of school?

AF: Learning the ins and outs of a tech company excites me because I am not used to tech stuff at all. My first day on the job, these guys told me about awesome websites and apps that were completely foreign to me. I am looking forward to being thrown into new projects, polishing what I've got and adding new skills to the list.

What do you do for fun?

AF: Finding new places, whether that be in Indy, or while traveling, is something I enjoy shops, restaurants, pubs, parks. Baseball games and boating are some of my favorite things to do, but I am always game for hanging on the porch with friends and family just chatting. Hitting up all of the Indy events on Georgia street and so forth is always a good time too!

Amber will be around handling marketing, writing, and a lot of other fun activities. Welcome, Amber!

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