Webinar: Solving the GDPR data processing agreement problem

GDPR Data Processing Agreement Webinar

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is weighing on more than data mapping & consent tracking. For many businesses from SMB to Enterprise, data processing agreements become a massive hurdle to achieving full GDPR compliance.

We've found that the unique nature of the GDPR-mandated agreements and the volume, and velocity at which they must be executed present a painful, top-of-mind problem for most in-house legal teams — and the problem isn't adequately solved by traditional solutions. How do we create, track, manage, negotiate, sign, and route these agreements — but with speed, with limited resources, and at massive scale?

Whether you're looking at processing tens, hundreds, or thousands of agreements, join PactSafe Legal Operations Consultant Kyle Robbins on Tuesday, February 20 at 2PM EST for a look at how to build a scaleable, GDPR compliant DPA execution & tracking process that won't tax your team for resources & overwhelm your support staff.

GDPR and Data Processing Agreement Topics will include:

  • How to assess your existing tools & process
  • Common traditional solutions & the points of failure
  • How to minimize DPA redlines
  • Feedback on building a scaleable low-friction contracting process for any purpose

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