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Webinar Recap: Privacy Practices in the Age of the GDPR

The European Union’s new Global Data Protection Regulation will begin to take effect in 2018, and the legislation is dictating wholesale changes for companies when it comes to the handling of customer data & privacy practices. With heavy fines and increased enforcement budgets, the corporate penalties for mistakes are far more real and penal than past privacy initiatives dictated from jurisdictions outside the United States.

Last week, PactSafe's Kyle Robbinson and privacy expert, Lisa J. Berry-Tayman, Sr. Privacy and Information Governance Advisor from CYBERSCOUT sat down to cover what privacy policy processes companies should be conducting to protect themselves. 

During the recording you'll hear about: 

  • Why the GDPR matters for US Companies
  • Individual Privacy Rights, Consent, and Opt-Outs
  • Managing and creating Privacy Processes

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