Webinar Recap: eCommerce Contracts


Today PactSafe CEO Brian Powers hosted a webinar about the legal risks, pitfalls and best practices for eCommerce businesses. He highlighted the fact that online legal terms and conditions are real contracts that contain important legal provisions intended to reduce or eliminate certain types of risk. In fact, they’re an eCommerce business’s most frequently entered contract.

He continued by discussing several well-known eCommerce businesses (Zappos.com and Overstock.com) that lost large contract related lawsuits. They lost because they couldn’t prove that their customers actually entered into these agreements. The webinar covered what they did wrong and why they couldn't prove what they needed to.

The webinar continued into the use of browsewraps and why clickwraps are preferred. Best practice tips for clickwraps include:

  • Conspicuous Presentation
  • Clear Notice
  • Clear Manifestation of Assent
  • Opportunity to Review

Missed the webinar, but still want the details? Check out the recording below:



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