WEBINAR: How To Prevent Lawyers from Hacking Online Marketplace Terms of Service

On March 21, PactSafe will host a webinar titled “The First Line of Defense: How Online Marketplaces Can Prevent Lawyers from Hacking Their Terms of Service” with CEO Brian Powers and the founder of the Marketplace Risk conference, Jeremy Gottschalk.


Today's consumers expect quick, cost-effective, and user-friendly service along with access to a wide range of goods and services. However, the speed and volume at which businesses must now move makes transactions open to more potential risk. Both gig economy and online marketplace transactions begin with a contract—the Terms of Service that govern the users’ interaction with your marketplace.

However, your marketplace’s high volume of signers leaves it open to even more risk. If asked, would you be able to prove that a customer explicitly agreed to your Terms of Use? Could you recognize what versions of your agreements have been signed, when they were signed, and what type of notice your customers received prior? If not, you're in danger of being "lawyer hacked."

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On a daily basis, PactSafe powers millions of risk-reducing clickthrough agreements for online marketplaces.

Clickthrough privacy policy


A clickthrough (or clickwrap) is a box or button users click or check to affirm acceptance of a site's online legal agreements.


To give some insight into securing your Terms of Service, PactSafe Founder and CEO Brian Powers will be in conversation with the founder of the Marketplace Risk conference, Jeremy Gottschalk, an expert in risk management and legal strategy for web and mobile marketplace tech companies. Powers and Gottschalk will discuss risk management for online marketplaces and how a clickthrough or clickwrap TOS agreement is your first line of defense against lawyers picking apart company terms, consumer lawsuits, and the multimillion-dollar lawsuits. 

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