Use Clickwraps for Business Contracts

Clickwraps_for_Business_Contracts.pngOver the last year, we have been following cases of companies such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Barnes & Noble, and for posting their website terms online via hyperlink. Attempting to enforce a website’s terms of use this way is called a browsewrap agreement. The enforceability of passive browsewraps has been a toss up for a while and continues to fade. Clickwrap agreements are so much more verifiable. It’s a mystery why more companies aren’t using them within their websites and apps.
If “
clickwrap agreement” sounds foreign, it’s only because not many know that executing one of these agreements has a name. Internet users execute these agreements daily when signing into an online service, quickly checking out on an e-commerce site, or clicking a box verifying, “Yes, I agree.” There are many opportunities for intentional usage of clickwraps that it’s time take advantage of.

Whether online, in-apps, or through day-to-day business transactions, there are numerous ways to use clickwraps for business contracts.

All businesses, not to mention HR, have to deal with forms for days. Whether that means filing away employee contracts, property leases, noncompete agreements, or purchase orders, there is more to keep track of than any one person can wrap their mind around. It’s even more complicated when trying to decide what legal events need tracked within your website or app. With PactSafe, sending and signing agreements can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Upload contract → send to signer → signer accepts agreement via email → notification of completed contract is sent to your team and the record of it is stored.

The contracting process (that typically slows down business) is expedited when contract editing, sharing, approving, and signing are accomplished all in one place. What’s cool about using clickwrap agreements like PactSafe offers is that the organizational component is taken care of for your team. The guess work of who filed what and which point-person was responsible for which agreement is eliminated. Tamper-proof, time-stamped records are generated upon the completion of any contract making it easy to find for the rest of eternity. Furthermore, transparency and intra-team communication are both increased!

Not sure what your industry would use clickwrap signing for? This list should help!

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