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Companies in today’s “get it done yesterday” world need a workflow that allows them to do high volumes of business without increasing risk or spoiling user experience. A clickthrough agreement—a box or button that a user checks or clicks to manifest their acceptance of a website legal agreement—is perfect for this. A clickthrough is the preferred, enforceable way to present clear and concise reasons for why you want to collect your users’ data.


Ideal for SaaS, e-commerce, and mobile-first enterprise businesses, clickthrough agreements help reduce the friction for contract acceptance while being compliant with global privacy regulations like GDPR.

The most successful adopters of from the PactSafe’s clickthrough solution changed their entire contracting process, not just the way users signed.

Contracting is 3 stages, not one. 

Contrary to popular opinion, there isn’t just one phase to contracting. The three stages of contracting are:

  1.     Contract creation
  2.     Contract signing
  3.     Contract storage

From drafting to signing to storing, contracting is still a largely manual process for most companies. Clickthroughs are mostly associated with the signing part of the process, but in reality, a clickthrough solution affects all three stages.  

Prior to an effective clickthrough solution, this is your contracting process:

  1. Creation: Lots of time and waiting.
    Someone on your legal ops team drafts the contract/agreement. They might draft general terms that can apply to any and everyone they come in contact with—customers, contractors, employees alike. For updates, you have to hassle your engineering team and wait until they’re available, costing you precious hours.
  1. Signing: Contract is sent, more waiting. 
    You send over a contract, ask the recipient to “read and sign” before sending it back. This part of the process can take days, weeks, or even months.
  1. Storage: Email folders, or worse—boxes.
    You receive the signed contract and keep it for your records. You have reserved a large space with large boxes to keep each of these agreements.

This process is manual, labor-intensive, and time consuming. Imagine if you need to make any changes to existing contracts or update your terms and resend them for signing. Now repeat the process for millions of users daily, weekly, or monthly and the process becomes infinitely more complex.

Eliminating manual processes is key to creating scalable clickthrough workflows

If your company only implements a clickthrough to take over the “signing” part of the process while everything else stays the same, then you have not implemented a scalable, frictionless system. A clickthrough agreement eliminates all of the manual, time-consuming processes in your current contracting workflow, not just one.

After implementing an effective clickthrough solution, this is how your contracting process is transformed for the better:

  1. Creation: No more waiting.
    Draft agreements for specific parties. Be more specific in your language, and even in your contract design, and easily push updates to your users without troubling your engineering team. (That’s right, your legal team doesn’t have to go through engineering to update a contract version.)
  2. Signing: No fuss, no muss.
    Auto-populate fields and send your contract to be accepted. Business gets done more quickly and efficiently.
  3. Storage: Automatically store contracts in a single repository.
    Contracts are automatically saved to a repository. Easily find which contracts were accepted, what versions, and when they were signed.

The PactSafe Solution

The PactSafe solution will optimize your clickthrough agreement workflow, making it fast, frictionless and void of human interruption. PactSafe is the only clickthrough API that manages and tracks the legal agreements on your websites and mobile apps. Send contracts from our platform and maintain electronic record of every contract prior to party acceptance, as well as a record of each revision following. PactSafe's tools and features make it easy to go from no process to a fully digital, integrated contracting process in no time whatsoever.

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