PokemonGO's Terms of Service & Privacy Policy are unenforceable legal disasters. Here's why.

By Kyle Robbins on Jul 12, 2016 4:33:51 PM

If you're anything like us here at the PactSafe offices, you're probably spending a few minutes over lunch this week wandering around the streets outside your office trying to catch Pokemon. If you're not, well don't worry -- the guilt, shame, and embarassment of walking around as a grown adult playing an adaptation of a late-90s children's game wears off quickly. There's still plenty of time for you to catch up, reach Level 5, and head over to the nearest Pokemon Gym in your neighborhood to do battle.

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Apple's online privacy policy puts protection before profit

By Amber Ferrari on Oct 1, 2015 11:45:00 AM

You may remember a few months back when we asked you to see which social media network owned your soul. It is important to understand what you have agreed to on websites with differing standards when it comes to your information, privacy, and user-agreements.

While online privacy policies waver from readable to ridiculous, one sought-after company is doing its best to lead the industry with integrity. Get ready for all of the consumer-feels as we break down what Apple is up to.

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AVG challenges industry with one-page online privacy policy

By Amber Ferrari on Sep 18, 2015 3:12:59 PM

Online security company, AVG® Technologies, released a one-page online privacy policy as a way to provide first-time customers with the opportunity to be notified of AVG’s commitment to their users via comprehensible text.

AVG CEO, Gary Kovacs, pledged for a safer Internet for everyone back in March while delivering the keynote address at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Online Legal Agreements: What One Guy Found Out Wasn't Pretty

By Amber Ferrari on Jul 1, 2015 12:41:11 PM

For Guardian reporter Alex Hern, thinking about all the small print on the Internet made him want to die... so he took seven days to read 146,000 words of various companies’ Terms of Service, and the result? It made him want to die even more.

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Want to lose a lawsuit because of your browsewrap or clickwrap agreement? Here's how to do it.

By Kyle Robbins on Jun 22, 2015 9:14:25 AM

Your company spends hours, maybe even days or weeks, perfecting the terms of use and other legal terms listed on your website. They're written with peace-of-mind in mind, designed to protect you from the worst-case scenario when you're served with a lawsuit from an angry consumer or partner. And in most cases, those provisions written into your terms designed to protect you would normally hold up when written into a paper contract.

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The Definitive Guide to Website Legal Agreements - A Recap

By Brian Powers on Jun 18, 2015 6:29:36 AM


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What is a website "Terms of Use"?

By Brian Powers on Apr 19, 2015 4:48:21 PM

What is a website“Terms of Use”?

Terms of Use are legal terms to which a website user must agree prior to the use of the service provided by a website. Such agreement is used to define the rights of the user and the website owner, protect the interest of the website owner, limit the parties’ legal obligations and indemnify the website owner. Suffice it to say, a good website terms of use acts as the website owner’s insurance against lawsuits.

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You Really Need to Track Your Website Legal Agreements.

By Brian Powers on Jan 26, 2015 3:24:38 PM

A recent case in Wisconsin Federal Court illustrates perfectly the importance of properly tracking and managing website legal agreements.

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The Zappos Case - The Enforceability of a Browsewrap Terms of Use

By Brian Powers on Jun 3, 2014 10:37:06 PM

One of the most prominent cases that relates to the enforceability of a browsewrap agreement is the Zappos.com, Inc. customer data security breach case. The Zappos case resulted from hackers who breached the Zappos.com security and were able to the access the personal information of the sites customers who had completed purchases from the website. The security breach exposed names, addresses, and phone numbers of the customers. The customers of Zappos.com then brought a class action lawsuit for damages that were a result from the data breach.

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The General Mills Website Legal Terms - A Look Under The Hood.

By Brian Powers on Apr 23, 2014 4:23:34 PM

Over the past week, General Mills, one of the largest food companies in the US, made a controversial update to its website legal terms that purported to prevent its consumers from suing it (rather requiring them to submit disputes via "informal negotiation" or arbitration). After the NY Times published a series of articles about the change, General Mills pulled the new terms due to concerns and misunderstandings expressed by many consumers. The new website legal terms posted by General Mills supposedly were intended to apply to consumers downloading coupons, “joining its online communities,” participating in sweepstakes and other promotions, and interacting with General Mills in a variety of other ways online. General Mills employed a pop-up box on its home page, stating that use of the site would “require all disputes related to the purchase or use of any General Mills product or service to be resolved through binding arbitration.” [FYI - Companies like to require arbitration as a means for settling disputes as a means of preventing class action lawsuits]

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