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Your Go-To Checklist for a Flawless Sales Agreement

Whether creating a contract for real estate purposes or a business-to-business transaction, a well-detailed and planned-out contract is a must for getting business done.

Ensuring that each aspect of the sales agreement serves a purpose as well as covering the necessary bases is vital to a successful business transaction.

Check out this list of must-haves for your next sales agreement:

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The Top Legal Agreement Mistakes SaaS Companies Should Avoid in 2017

The Forbes 2016 State of the Cloud Report details the five stages that companies go through before committing to trusting various aspects of the cloud (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance). For software as a service companies, trusting the cloud is an unspoken agreement between teams and the force of the internet. If the cloud goes down, we're all doomed! Quite literally.

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Is Your E-commerce Checkout Flow Secure?

Sales terms that easily embed into ecommerce checkout flows provide an easy route to recording affirmative acceptance from online users.

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5 Shortcuts to Accelerate Signatures Like a World Series Champion

Time travel back to November 2, 2016 when we were all on the edge of our seats watching the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs fight for game seven of the World Series. The teams contended at elite playing levels tying up scores and laying it all out there until Chicago came out on top. We want to help you be the better performing team no matter what game you’re playing in.

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4 Reasons to choose "Buy" over "Build" and the Integration Mindset

Box CEO, Aaron Levie tells us, "We're entering an era of enterprise software where I want to be able to mix and match my tools from a set of vendors that might be five, 10, 20 different applications that I want to work together seamlessly."

So how do we make that happen? Through integrating third-party solutions with our own products.

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5 Awesome Ways PactSafe Can Save You Money

We would be doing you a disservice if we tried to offer a product that we didn’t love. But we’re not about that, and, we LOVE PactSafe and the solutions it offers our customers. That being said, one practical thing PactSafe does is save users’ money. If that doesn’t pump up your jam, not sure what will.

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10 Ways to Present Legal Terms at Sign-up

Sign-up...NOW! We always want sign-ups to happen as soon as possible, because that means business. But does it mean legal business? If your customers are signing up online and aren’t being prompted to accept your legal terms before sign-up confirmation, it might not.

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What Legal Events You Should be Tracking in your Apps

Rather than assuming your online legal is in order, take a second to really take a look at it; are you walking the fine line of wrestling with unconscionability?

Too much work goes into developing a website and mobile apps for everything to not be completely secure. Here are four legal events that you should definitely be tracking on your website and within your mobile apps. And most importantly, they should be implemented properly.

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5 Legal Things to Know for Selling Online

Amazon. Ebay. Etsy. Poshmark. Digital marketplaces have made it overwhelmingly simple to sell things online. Opening an Etsy shop is as easy as clicking a button, providing some information, payment, and then you’re on your way! Etsy handles the legal regulations on that end, as do the other examples listed above. But what happens when you are the one responsible for what happens when you sell online?  

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4 Keyboard Shortcuts to Make You Love Google Drive Even More

This is a weekly series to help you get to know your computer/apps better by learning the shortcuts that help you move faster across or within the apps you know and love. It takes practice, but habit forming shortcut usage can add up to days worth of time savings in a year.

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