Rethinking e-signature for the consumer-driven B2B economy

By Greer Williams on Jun 7, 2018 9:11:08 AM

The present economy is trending towards being consumer-driven. That is, not only do your customers want instant access to your services anywhere at anytime (usually via a mobile device), they want it to be easy to use and self-service.

Topics: Text to Sign b2b
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PactSafe + Twilio: The TXT to Sign Revolution

By Michael Welling on May 30, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Rarely do I get excited about building out a new integration. It’s not that I’m not up to the challenge, (because let’s be honest what self-respecting developer doesn’t get amped at building out a new feature!?), but the idea of having to dig through outdated documentation for an overly complex API that then requires three methods of authentication just to get in, well that just doesn’t sound like a fun afternoon.

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