How to build a mobile-first privacy consent management experience that actually works at scale

By Kyle Robbins on Oct 17, 2018 1:13:51 PM

The user experience is the differentiator

For many B2C businesses, the biggest differentiator is not just their quality product or service, but their ability to create an effortless user experience. For example, when considering delivery dinner options, which experience would you rather have?

  1. Dig up an outdated menu for a place you hope delivers to your house, wait for somebody to answer the phone, wait on hold, have trouble hearing the person taking the order, and then wait some more.
  2. Open a mobile app, customize your order, pay for it, leave a tip, and track your order's progress in real time.
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GDPR: Double opt-in plus GDPR Consent Management for effective and compliant email marketing

By Greer Williams on Jun 28, 2018 2:42:03 PM

By now, marketers should know that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. A common belief is that double opt-in methods for email marketing solves the regulation’s requirement for gaining consent to collect and/or process a person's (or, data subject’s) data—but it doesn’t. Why? Let’s break it down.

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Infographic: GDPR Consent Management Survival Guide

By Greer Williams on May 22, 2018 12:03:36 PM

Not quite ready for the General Data Protection Regulation? You're certainly not alone! Thorough preparation for all aspects of the GDPR is the only way to truly ensure readiness. In the meantime, we’ve put together this GDPR Consent Management Survival Guide Infographic to help you get through May 25 and beyond.

Topics: GDPR Regulations
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Using the GDPR Legitimate Interest Exception in an Illegitimate Way

By Shayla Pulliam on May 16, 2018 1:25:29 PM

The GDPR provides a “legitimate interest” exception to the use personal data. This exception allows companies to use personal data without obtaining consent from the data subject. Although this exception has gained traction lately, the idea of an organizations’ legitimate interest is processing personal data is not a new one. The exception first appeared in Article 7 of the Directive 95/46/EC, which the GDPR replaced. The exception is cited in Article 6 (f) which states:

Topics: GDPR Regulations
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Using legitimate interest for marketing under the GDPR is more difficult than you might think

By Shayla Pulliam on May 14, 2018 2:49:29 PM

The GDPR and the fact that it gives data subjects the right to be forgotten has become a hurdle for marketers. To make things a little more interesting, it is not an absolute right and there are circumstances where a request to be forgotten can be denied—it’s called legitimate interest.

Topics: GDPR Regulations
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No, that's not what the GDPR is: Privacy law comparisons

By Shayla Pulliam on Apr 30, 2018 12:46:06 PM

As the GDPR transforms from a distant vision to a fast approaching reality it is easy to get swamped in preparation and neglect some of the details of the GDPR. There is so much that the GDPR is that we find it necessary to point out what it is not.

Topics: GDPR Regulations
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GDPR Webinar Recap (VIDEO): Building a Compliance Process With One Month to Go

By Greer Williams on Apr 19, 2018 11:33:56 AM

We’re one month away from the GDPR (technically 5 weeks and 1 day), and businesses are are wrangling their teams together to get processes and compliance in place. In our latest webinar hosted by Kyle Robbins, JD, Legal Solutions & Privacy at PactSafe, we discuss what we know about May 25’s GDPR, as well as:

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New Product: Consent Management Designed With GDPR Compliance in Mind

By Brian Powers on Mar 7, 2018 10:37:36 AM

We're excited to announce that we've launched a consent management solution for end-to-end tracking and management of opt-ins and opt-outs of data privacy statements and policies; a critical step towards compliance under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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5 Tips For Improving Your Contracts in 2018

By Kyle Robbins on Nov 22, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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