Minimizing Online Marketplace Risk in the On-Demand Economy

By Gizelle Fletcher on Jan 10, 2019 10:01:00 AM

In an online marketplace, there are several small but significant details that can either raise or lower your risk profile. The online marketplace is naturally rife with risk because of its rate of scale, and the increase in the number of customers and transactions processed daily.

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A clickthrough is your online marketplace's best shot at success in the on-demand economy

By Gizelle Fletcher on Jan 3, 2019 10:01:00 AM

The consumer-driven, on-demand economy has zero tolerance for unwieldy, time-consuming processes. Meals, rides, and outfits can be delivered within the hour, or at the very least, within 2 days.

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5 Risks for online marketplaces you aren't thinking about. Yet.

By Gizelle Fletcher on Dec 27, 2018 10:01:00 AM

Online marketplaces are booming. $1.5 trillion was spent globally in the top 75 online marketplaces in 2017 alone. Their rapidly expanding reach has also brought legal considerations to the forefront that must be given prompt attention. In this post, we'll explore 5 of the risks online marketplaces face and how to address them.

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