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Your Go-To Checklist for a Flawless Sales Agreement

Whether creating a contract for real estate purposes or a business-to-business transaction, a well-detailed and planned-out contract is a must for getting business done.

Ensuring that each aspect of the sales agreement serves a purpose as well as covering the necessary bases is vital to a successful business transaction.

Check out this list of must-haves for your next sales agreement:

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Does Your Product Need a Legal Tech flu Shot? Take the Quiz!

Do you have any idea of which legal events you should be tracking across your website and mobile apps? Are you implementing a legal system of record to keep time-stamped proof of these important online transactions? Cold and flu season is in full swing, and if the proper digital recordkeeping isn't in place, your product could be under the weather too.

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What Legal Events You Should be Tracking in your Apps

Rather than assuming your online legal is in order, take a second to really take a look at it; are you walking the fine line of wrestling with unconscionability?

Too much work goes into developing a website and mobile apps for everything to not be completely secure. Here are four legal events that you should definitely be tracking on your website and within your mobile apps. And most importantly, they should be implemented properly.

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To avoid class actions, start treating your website legal terms like real contracts.

Your online business is humming along, people are signing-up and buying stuff online, all while you assume that the business is protected by the legal terms and conditions that you are (ideally) presenting via some clickwrap agreement.  Then POOF you get sued -- and not just any lawsuit -- but a dreaded class action lawsuit! You think "no problem, our terms and conditions have a class action waiver that requires arbitration."

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How can clickwraps help SaaS companies?

Anyone can be closing fully-enforceable sales processes online with a single click. That goes for SaaS companies, too -- whether you've got a 'BUY ONLINE' option available or not. Amazon's one-click purchase checkout system doesn't have to be reserved for the biggest companies in e-commerce or online retailers. You too can do business faster, today

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Exactly how legal is my eSignature?

While we definitely can’t vouch for all eSignature platforms, PactSafe Transact is our Signature Acceleration Platform that certainly renders a legal signature.

How do we know that? We like to follow laws!

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4 Reasons Your CMS Doesn’t Work for Legal Content: Overview

Content management systems allow easy updates, quick access to reusable content, blog organization, and features on features on features! Maybe you’re a Wordpress gal or a Squarespace chap; either way, you understand the great, simplifying features that you rely on your CMS for every day.

While it seems like these sidekicks cover your back, there are some things it can’t do. Think of that cool Ninja blender you bought with the high wattage, pureeing genius, but the inability to wash itself. What? I still have to wash this? But, it’s a Ninja blender…

Your website CMS is designed for two types of people within your company: your marketing team and your development team. Legal is typically an afterthought as they aren't the ones buying the CMS to begin with. One problem, though—lawyers and judges don't care. This eBook will clue you into why this is a big deal. The trick is in the design and tracking of legal pages — some designs & implementations will open your company up to risk and some won't, and this ebook will help you navigate the design best practices that could keep your company out of serious trouble.

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How business legal can influence customer micro-moments

I missed a phone call from the car dealership while listening to a voicemail from my doctor’s office, got a calendar notification cancelling my morning coffee meeting, browsed a sale from a retail email, and accepted two friend requests all while walking into 7:00p.m. Zumba class.

More online searches and interactions are taking place on mobile devices now more than ever before.

These little moments between our everyday activities, found in Google's guide, "Winning the Shift to Mobile," are called micro-moments. They’re the “I-want-to-know,” “I-want-to-go,” “I-want-to-do,” “I-want-to-buy” moments that every marketer should know about. Because I already know that you’re thinking that managing any type of business legal isn’t the same as being a marketer, I’m going to save us some time and call a spade a spade by saying that your spade is wrong. You’re always a marketer. You market who you represent and you market yourself.

Because ain’t nobody else tryna.

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Legal technology means kissing 1995 goodbye

Tracking hours in six-minute increments...old case files sitting wall to wall in an’s 2015, so why does it feel like 1995?

The Atlantic recently published an article about law firms and legal teams being trapped in 1995 and the changes they are about to encounter.

Apparently, it is going to be a rude awakening, and not all lawyers are ready.

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Online contract management, loyalty, and the Cloud

Call of Duty, Jury Duty, Carpool Duty, Civic Duty...all things that garner very specific opinions from people…  

But, what about The Duty of Loyalty? In corporate law, The Duty of Loyalty involves corporate directors having the legal responsibility to avoid conflicts of interest. The business comes before personal interest.

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